Our Story


The story of Chalupa started with us, Iman and Amin Gharaghozlu, two brothers born in Tehran. We grew up in Iran, UAE, India, China and later in Finland, Britain and Switzerland.

Finland, our new homeland, is Chalupa’s home, too. Wherever we lived growing up, we always ate homemade food prepared using fresh ingredients. When we realised that this sort of food culture didn’t exist in Finland and most people were eating fast food almost daily, we knew we had to do something.

In 2004, with the support of our father, we started Hot Chili Fast Food. The experience further convinced us that we had to do something to change Finnish fast food dining. Ten years ago Finland was not yet ready, but now it is. In the last decade we’ve created successful restaurants like Shanghai Cowboy, Café Rio, Jalla Jalla and New York Ninja. We’ve also been actively involved in Flow Festival’s high-quality food offering.

We are obsessed in perfecting our recipes and want to make eating social and fun.

Our attitude towards food is basically crazy. We are obsessed with perfecting our recipes. We want to make eating social and fun. We do our best to use high-quality local and even organic ingredients. We want our artisans to put the same passion into their work that we put into creating the meal that is put together in front of your eyes.

We love cosy spaces, lighting and atmosphere. We want to take you back to the days when food was the focal point of attention; to places where you go for a quick, relaxed and affordable meal during your holidays.

Our menu is what you make it. We offer you all the tools you need to create a versatile meal. We try to make the choices as simple as possible. We want to make recommendations, so please ask for them.

Here’s our first tip: try our Chalupa nachos with pico de gallo and guacamole.